Finding A Perfect Wedding Venue In Melbourne

Finding A Perfect Wedding Venue In Melbourne

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The wedding venue is an essential component of your wedding. It should represent happy couple, and it should match the overall theme of the wedding as well. Wedding site is that part that connects all other elements into your remarkable wedding story. Also, it will significantly contribute to the entire theme and atmosphere, and it will set the mood of the reception. Not to mention, you will spend approximately 50% of your budget on it, so you can see why it is important to choose carefully.

If you are searching for some charming wedding venue in Melbourne, there are many possible options for you to discover. Depending on your personal preferences, you should choose the place that fits into your vision of the wedding. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a traditional reception or some more modern and casual one, you will have plenty choices in front of you. Make sure to search online for possible venues, but it is recommended that you visit them as well for some live impression of the particular place. There are numerous alternatives available online, so if you are looking for one, check out wedding venues for some additional ideas. Good luck with finding the perfect site for your once in a lifetime event!

Different types of wedding reception


A traditional wedding reception is the most common way to celebrate this event. It can be organized in some reception center, a hall, a restaurant, a hotel, or even a museum. On this type of reception, you will usually have 3-5 course meal. The advantage of traditional wedding reception venues is the fact that many of them have an in-house wedding organizer to help you with the planning of your day. Not to mention, wedding reception will usually handle things such as speeches, the bridal dance, the throwing of the banquet and other accompanying details as well.

If you are looking for something different compared to the traditional way, you can consider having a cocktail wedding reception. They can also be organized in the traditional wedding reception halls, but it will be a far less formal event. Other possibilities when it comes to location are gardens, beach or whatever alternative crosses your mind. There are numerous possibilities.  The atmosphere of this kind of celebration is pretty casual, fluent, vibrant, with guests mingling around. Important to mention, a cocktail reception will let you play with your creativity when it comes to venue, location, overall theme. This only adds to the uniqueness of the event. Also, the menu will be slightly different compared to the traditional type. Usually, the most common catering choice is finger food as it is more suitable to the entire concept of the cocktail wedding reception.

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