Comedy Provides Welcome Distraction In War Times

Comedy Provides Welcome Distraction In War Times

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Comedy is the business of making people laugh. But a study from the Washington State University indicates that comedy is more in-depth than what the public presume it would be. People, in general, think that laughing is shallow and crying is deep. Not to put down the tears but both laughing and crying come from within—these come from feelings. Both come from different kinds of emotion. But both are intrinsically deep.

When you hire a comedian for private parties and corporate events, know that it is not a shallow undertaking for the comic. It is actually something intellectual. As The Theory of Comedy states: “(Comedy) must appeal to the intellectual rather than the emotions.” Because if it appeals to the emotions, it’s called slapstick. Appealing to the emotions mean seeing something funny and you laugh at it. Real comedy is something we think about and laugh at. That’s why comedy is rather an intellectual affair rather an emotional one.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that comedy will only have an effect on smart people. Comedy appeals to ALL people—despite background, race and economic status. You can book a comedian on any of these events:

  1. Corporate parties
  2. Birthday parties
  3. Weddings
  4. Fund-raisers
  5. Church gatherings

The study also indicated that comedy is mechanical—a little slapstick if you may. This means that comedy mirrors the mechanical features of life but with a twist. Say, in real life, a child is running after a chicken. To mechanically mirror real life in comedy, the comic is the chicken and runs for his life amidst laughter from his audience. This kind of slapstick joke can transcend people’s backgrounds or any kind of event.

The university study also indicated that comedy should be inherently human. This is why should hire a comedian will survive any form event—whether it’s a corporate event with managers and rank-and-file employees, or a Church gathering with mostly conservative families, to weddings. No bride would mind seeing a comic running around her dancefloor like a headless chicken, neither will the chief executive officer of a multi-national corporation. The same goes for a well-behaved church lady. No matter how conservative she is, a person running around clocking like a rooster will be same kind of funny as in the eyes of a three-year-old attending a birthday party. To laugh is inherently human.

The theory also indicated: “There must be a set of established societal norms with which the observer is familiar, either through everyday life or through the author providing it in expository material or both.” This is why it is important that in hiring comedians for private parties, the comic/s will be provided a background of who the audience members are. Comedians study, too. They research their materials. And when hired in a party, part of their job is to know what kind of jokes would work best with the audience. Sure, comedy is universal. One joke could be funny to everybody. But when a joke speaks to the audience because they actually live the joke, it’s even funnier.

Comedy is the perfect way to break up a tension. A party is not necessarily a tense occasion, unless you are the bride in her wedding party, but comedy will certainly break up those communal groupings that crop up during parties. When a comic stands in the middle, everybody listens as one.



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