Clean Diesel Fuel in Generator Service

Clean Diesel Fuel in Generator Service

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Many large companies use large diesel generators because of their reliability and durability. Diesel generators are very stable and reliable, but just like any other generators they need proper maintenance to keep working at their best. One of the most important parts of maintaining large generators is fuel cleaning. Fuel cleaning is essential if you need your generators working continuously for hours and if you need them to start supplying the system on full load every time you turn them on.

Importance of Fuel System Conservation

If you take care of the fuel correctly and clean it promptly, you already have half the maintenance job done. Diesel over time gets contaminated with fuel bugs, and there is no way of preventing that from happening, especially if the fuel has been kept unused for months. Even if it’s properly stored, it will degrade over time. If you’re not using clean fuel, the contamination can increase to the level where it can damage your generators and engines. You can slow down fuel degradation by doing regular generator set exercises, but you still have to clean it every three to six months. Fuel polishing is essential not only for prolonging the lifespan of your fuel but also for optimizing it.

The Process of Diesel Fuel Polishing

The purpose of this process is to make your stored or used fuel usable once again. Fuel bugs can be removed using a fuel polisher and restore its quality like its new. Cleaning starts by transporting the fuel to the diesel cleaning system and filtrating it. By filtrating it, the contamination from the fuel will be removed. After this, clean, reusable fuel is simply restored to the storage tank, in the same way it was delivered to us by the supplier.


If you need to get your fuel cleaned, go to Diesel Fuel Polishing Services – website that will provide you all the necessary information about this process, the costs and details about the 8-step process that will restore your fuel integrity. Timely fuel polishing is one of the primary things you should focus on if you want to prolong the reliability of your generators.


By choosing a professional company to clean your fuel from diesel bugs you’ll almost be doing yourself a favor because you will actually save the money that would go on buying new fuel. Team of fuel polishing experts will determine the condition of your fuel by performing a few tests. They will then perform high speed filtration and polish the fuel until its quality is restored to industry standards. After determining its effectiveness they will add a few additives to cure the impurities that might have left during the cleaning process and also prevent them from accumulating again in a short period of time. If you want a team of industry leader to take proper care of your generators and fuel, click here and contact them to get your diesel optimized today!

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